Proper Ambassador Behind Cloudfront
Apr 23, 2021
2 minutes read

A quick walkthrough on deploying Ambassador (or any other Ingress Controller) behind WAF filtered CloudFront distribution.


  1. EKS cluster, with proper configuration.
  2. Helm deployed Ambassador.
  3. Working Terraform installation.

Standard way of setuping Load Balancer backed CloudFront Distribution looks like this:

Standard AWS CloudFront Origin access

This setup works just fine if you are not concerned about traffic hitting your Load Balancer directly.

Here you can find terraform files that generate CloudFront distribution for listed Domains. In addition to that, it allows switching between direct access and CloudFront. Check file for more details.

Why should you be concerned if your Load Balancer can be reached directly? Mainly if you deploy WAF on your CloudFront and do some access control through WAF configuration. Obviously, that is meaningless if there is a way to sidestep your protection.

So what are the available options to remove this vulnerability?

Given that, we must:

  • Use Internet-facing Network Load Balancer and set up Security Group on backends.
  • Bind Ambassador to static Host Ports.
  • Setup mechanism for keeping Security Group up to date with CloudFront IP’s.
  • Setup mechanism for keeping Security Group attached to all EKS Node Pool instances.

Luckily, AWS exposes IP address changes via SNS topic, so we can bind a lambda to update the Security Group with changed IP’s. Also, we can publish Autoscaling Group changes to our topic. So, we need a few lambdas and all should fall into place:

Lambdas setup

Here you can find terraform files and lambda sources. Check file for more details.

The end result is an automatically applied dynamic security groups that allow only traffic from CloudFront to end up in your nodes.

End result

Once you have applied all terraform files and have verified that EKS nodes have correct Security Group rules, redeploy Ambassador with the following:


Above parameter change the autogenerated security group to allow no extra traffic. Verify that you can reach Ambassador via CloudFront and you can not reach it directly (tcp timeout).

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